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Roaring Forward with Tiger Kingdom – Our Vision & Mission

Updated: Feb 23

In Thailand, there is a huge lack of integration of knowledge related to tigers. We hold knowledge in separate parts according to the authority of the agency, or interests of each individual group. Information regarding the tiger's way of life, and its distribution in the wild and in captivity, will be kept by government agencies such as the Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation, and the Bureau of Wildlife Conservation. Whereas tiger husbandry and health care information can only be obtained from the skills and experience of the zookeepers or veterinarians who care for the animals every day, and each zoo will hold its own knowledge based on its environment and history. Religious knowledge, cultural beliefs about tigers, and works of art related to tigers are scattered between various temples, museums, and villages throughout the country. This information is divided, scattered, and has not been studied systematically or organized in any way. So, despite the wealth of tiger knowledge in Thailand, Thai people generally do not know much about this great and important animal. This lack of knowledge impacts the conservation of tigers and their natural habitat. Therefore, it is evidently necessary to organize the information to allow the distribution of knowledge. Especially in our current situation where tigers are at risk of extinction both in Thailand and around the world.

In countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, and India, we see a lot of studies being carried out on tigers in different research areas, and there are many tiger specialists in other tiger countries. Importantly, those who are motivated, have access to several educational courses on tiger conservation. Through the cooperation of academics, NGOs working in conservation, government agencies, and educational institutions, Tiger Kingdom sees that our organization has the potential to be able to contribute to the knowledge of tigers. We have vast knowledge and experience in caring for tigers, and we possess a large tiger care center that can accommodate researchers and tourists who want to learn about tigers and who love ecotourism.

With this potential, Tiger Kingdom wishes to promote cooperation with various agencies and organizations to create courses on tiger care and conservation on par with the other tiger countries. Our organization will initially begin short-term improvements to the Keeper for a Day Experience, previously designed to cater to tourists and visitors alike who come and learn about tigers from experienced tiger caretakers. And we are planning a book that introduces tigers and tiger care as a guide for those who are interested in working with animals.

For the long term, Tiger Kingdom sees that our academic cooperation with the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Chiang Mai University will be a pilot for the creation of courses and distribution of research for the care and conservation of tigers both nationally and globally.

Photo: Signing a memorandum of cooperation with the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at Chiang Mai University on Global Tiger Day 2023.


Tiger Kingdom Phuket

In line with the Phuket Tourism GEMMSS strategy (Gastronomy, Education, Marina, Medical, Sport city, Smart city), Tiger Kingdom Phuket is shifting focus to Education, and we are in the process of designing a Tiger Museum that will be part of the zoo. The new museum will integrate modern media to create an immersive and inspiring Tigers’ journey through history, religion, culture, medicine, biology, genetics, and conservation. The museum will be a stunning new attraction and learning center for locals and tourists alike.


Tiger Kingdom Chiang Mai

Nature is at the heart of everything that Chiang Mai stands for, and Tiger Kingdom Chiang Mai has rallied together to help to drive the natural tourism industry. We are not only an attraction for recreation, but our visitors will also learn about the tigers’ natural environment and behaviors. We aim to provide the animals with a high level of welfare and as natural an existence as we are able, by introducing enrichment and by creating shows and experiences which do not involve modifying the tiger’s behavior but allow the animal to demonstrate natural traits like hunting abilities, whilst providing an educational aspect to the audience.


Tiger Kingdom Learning Center - Mae Taeng

Plans to develop the Tiger Kingdom Learning Center into a comprehensive tiger conservation center are already underway. We have built new larger enclosures in a more natural style for our mature tigers, and in 2018 the Keeper for a Day Experience was introduced to allow tourists to have the opportunity to learn about tigers and how they are cared for in an exciting yet ethical way. We have also opened the gates for veterinary students and researchers to learn from and study our Big Cats with a view to enhancing and growing the current knowledge of tiger husbandry, health care, and psychology. Further development will include a full world-class educational course for students to learn how to care for and conserve the species for the short, medium, and long term. For this aim to transpire, Tiger Kingdom needs further integration and cooperation from many sectors. However, we are pushing to open the first easily accessible tiger-related course of its kind that will be able to accommodate both interested locals and tourists.

In addition to this, we aim to create an integrated learning environment that includes the Tiger Conservation Center and an ecological center including flora and fauna from all over the world, as well as recreational facilities such as a health center, exhibition hall, resort, and restaurants that will emphasize our local communities and cultures, whilst providing intimacy and a return to nature.

Photo: The Keeper for a Day Experience in action! Our volunteer helps with our enrichment program.

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