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Making choices for a sustainable future.

Engaging with the Community

At Tiger Kingdom, we understand that we have a responsibility to give back to the community. Be it by way of donations to animal shelters, schools, hospitals and temples; sponsorship of local events; or organising our own charitable events, we are always looking at ways to assist the many causes about which we care. As a visitor of Tiger Kingdom, you too can take pride in having had a part in enabling us to give back, for, without our visitors, none of this would be possible. Here are just some of the recent examples of where we have been proud to help.

Conservation of a fragile eco-system

The conservation of the wild tiger population and their environment in Thailand and all over the world is something that we are willing to work very hard for. We are proud supporters of the Plant a Tree Today Foundation which has planted over one million trees, mainly in Thailand, to rejuvenate the loss of habitat that has been inflicted on the local wildlife population; and of a new project, the Conservation Community which aims to bring together many conservation projects in a format that will enable an increase in funding and productivity. Click here to visit our Conservation page for more details.

Tiger Kindom research projects

​Our quest for understanding

Tiger Kingdom is in a unique position to collaborate with universities and students to fill gaps in scientific knowledge on short and long-term wildlife research projects. We are able to provide samples and data resources for non-invasive research purposes with the potential for co-authoring scientific papers. The aim of allowing this exclusive access to our animals and data is to help to bring about improvements to the well-being of captive tigers worldwide, whilst at the same time expanding the understanding of wild tigers, which can be invaluable in helping with their conservation.

Passing on our knowledge

The Tiger Kingdom Health Care team offers wildlife clinic experience for veterinary students and volunteer vets. Students and volunteers receive extensive exposure to zoological medicine and veterinary management by working with our veterinary team, enhancing their learning and giving them a unique insight into the working of zoos and the veterinary care of wild felines. We hope that by giving the volunteers that we take on this exclusive access, they will be able to go on to make a difference in tiger welfare all over the world.

Volunteer vet learning about tigers at Tige Kingdom
Reducing plastic waste at the Tiger Kingdom Learing Center

The Plastic Problem

One of the biggest global problems that humanity is facing right now is the disposable plastic epidemic. Tiger Kingdom is working to reduce the plastic waste that we produce, starting with the introduction of recycling bins in all of our parks, and gradually turning the Tiger Kingdom Learning Center in Mae Taeng, Chiang Mai into a plastic-free zone, with the other parks following suit in the future.

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