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Helping our tiger family in the wild!

Saving the Planet "One Tree at a Time"

Tiger Kingdom supporting reforestation project

Tiger Kingdom is proud to support the Plant a Tree Today Foundation's Ratchaburi Project which actively restores wild tiger habitat in Thailand as well as aiming to combat climate change.

Ratchaburi province is in the western part of Thailand and borders Myanmar to the west of the province. The area is home to many of Thailand’s iconic wildlife, including Asian elephants, and it is one of the few of Thailand’s remaining wild tiger habitats.

The aim of the project is to reforest unproductive land by planting native tree species suitable to the local area to regenerate the soil, bring back a forest, and restore biodiversity. The project also aims to engage with local communities in order for them to maintain a connection with the forest and see the benefit of preserving such a resource.

To find out more about Plant a Tree Today Foundation and the Ratchaburi Project click here. Or if you would like to donate directly to the project, click on the logo and follow the link to PATT’s Just Giving page.

Supporting Global Conservation Efforts

The Conservation Community is a place where people can come together in support of global conservation efforts. The aim is to encourage communities all over the world to interact and support a conservation cause that is close to their heart.

The Conservation Community has been established to:
Provide much-needed financial assistance to conservation projects and communities and ensure funds are utilized correctly; to ensure that projects can be accomplished, removing the worry about where the funding will come from; to educate the public on the projects that are striving so hard to protect our planet; to connect like-minded people on one single platform; and to provide a fundraising platform that allows the community itself to get directly involved in each project, allowing people from remote locations to interact and support causes.

One of the projects that the Conservation Community will initially focus on is Forest Ranger training in Myanmar. This project is of particular interest to Tiger Kingdom as the Forest Rangers are at the front line of stopping wildlife poachers, one of the biggest causes of the dwindling wild tiger population.


Money raised by Tiger Kingdom has been donated to fund the platform but there is still more work to be done! Like and share their Facebook page and donate today so that we can get the platform up and running and start making a difference as soon as possible!

Tiger kingdom supporting Conservation Community

Using Knowledge to Influence a Positive Change

“Conservation education is the process of influencing people’s attitudes, emotions, knowledge, and behaviors about wildlife and wild places. This is done through the efforts of skilled educators and interpreters, who use a variety of techniques, methods, and assessments to reconnect people with the natural world.” -

Within the park, our conservation efforts are concentrated on 'Conservation through Education'. We regularly invite local school children to visit Tiger Kingdom to encourage them to learn about the environment and the impact that humans have on the natural habitat of wildlife.

We are also constantly striving to improve the education that Tiger Kingdom provides to our regular visitors, through signage and experiences such as our Tiger Trail and Keeper for a Day Experience, to give a thorough understanding of the plight of the wild tiger and to hopefully inspire as many people as possible to go out and try to make a difference in their own way. 

Conservation through education on the Tiger Trail - Tiger Kingdom Chiang Mai
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