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A Tiger’s Tale 

Tiger Kingdom Chiang Mai first opened its doors on the 24th of March 2008, but legend has it that Tiger Kingdom’s tale really began with an Australian traveler's simple request of being able to get closer to the magnificent tigers at what was then, a standard zoo that specialized in raising big cats. The request was granted and since then Tiger Kingdom has grown into the world’s leading facility for animal encounters. Our second branch opened in Phuket on the 13th of July 2013 and more recently the Tiger Kingdom Learning Center was founded in Mae Taeng Chiang Mai; shifting our focus onto unique ‘conservation through education’ experiences and captive tiger veterinary and husbandry research. 

With help from visitors like you, we are proud to have created a comfortable, caring, and safe environment for all of our big cats, the proceeds raised allow Tiger Kingdom to provide care for every animal born here, for life.  Applying a hands-on approach, Tiger Kingdom tries to inspire people to care about the welfare of captive tigers as well as the plight of wild tigers worldwide. Our aim is that our visitors will leave us, not only having had an adrenaline pumping, heart thumping, once in a lifetime experience, but also with a sense of duty that everyone has a role to play in helping to preserve the species and their natural environment. 

An Educational Experience

Tiger Kingdom is not only committed to providing our visitors with an amazing experience but also an educational one, we are proud of our newest educational experience in Chiang Mai; the Keeper for a Day Experience. Through the process of ‘conservation through education,’ we are giving our visitors the chance to leave Tiger Kingdom with memories that will last a lifetime and a sense of achievement that they have worked with us to make a difference to tigers in captivity and in the wild.  

The Keeper for a Day experience gives exclusive behind-the-scenes access to our mature tigers at our largest site in Mae Taeng, Chiang Mai. Visitors with a thirst for knowledge and enthusiasm for immersive experiences are 

invited to roll up their sleeves and learn first-hand how our tigers are cared for; from cleaning the enclosures and day-to-day tiger health care, to feeding the tigers and participating in their enrichment program. The new keepers become members of our team for a whole day and work with us to spread the message of conservation in Thailand. 

Our Vision

We will be taking what we have learned from the last 15 years and making positive changes, we have listened to the criticism given by our patrons and will use it constructively to improve the lives of our animals and the quality of the experience for our future visitors.

In line with putting the tiger's welfare first, we will be building larger natural-style enclosures for our mature tigers in Mae Taeng and will continue to improve the existing enclosures where they cannot be extended.

We will continue to encourage our veterinary team to become world-class specialists in tiger health care and will use their knowledge to increase the effectiveness of our existing captive animal enrichment program. 

We will increase our focus on ‘conservation through education’ and on our external conservation efforts, as well as focusing on experiences which offer something more than the standard animal attraction, whilst striving to give our visitors great value for money and a truly breath-taking experience! 

Finally, we will work on becoming an eco-friendly attraction, we will reduce the use of plastics, reduce our carbon footprint, and lead by example in the effort to increase conservation and reduce global warming. 

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