Why are the tigers so tame?

The tigers are all hand reared here at Tiger Kingdom. They are used to people and see us as one of their family. In the wild the tiger spend most of the day sleeping, They do the same here. That is why they are so relaxed when you go and see them. None of the tigers at Tiger Kingdom are drugged.

Is it dangerous to get in the cage?

The tigers at Tiger Kingdom are born into human care and we always stay near by so that they are use to people. They do not want to hunt you or to hurt you. The staffs are very well trained and are there to help you as well as to look after the tigers. Their main job is to ensure your safety. The tigers are handled, stroked and pat every day and so that even the biggest of hands or the roughest of pats does not usually bother them. What can make them react is if you touch them so lightly you feel like a fly. Very gentle touching can feel ticklish and irritating to a sleeping tiger and so it’s best to stroke firmly to avoid being treated like a fly or mosquito.

Do you think the tigers are happy?

Chuffing are friendly vocalizations that generally consist of a soft brrr sound. These vocalizations are primarily used for greetings between tigers and only audible at close range.

Tigers use their tails to communicate with one another. A tiger is relaxed if their tail is loosely hanging. Aggression is displayed by rapidly moving the tail from side to side or by holding it low with occasional intense twitches.

Tigers do not purr.

Why do I have to wash my hands before getting into the baby cub enclosure?

Like any baby’s their immune systems are just developing and we do not want any potential germs from hands and shoes transmitted to the cubs.

Why can’t I touch the head or front paws of the tigers?

The head of a tiger is the area where all the biting goes on. During play tigers rub each others faces and bite each other around the neck and head area. If you were to play with the tigers head it could think you want to play and that involves biting. The paws are a similar story.

The sticks are not sharp and do not cause cuts.

As the tigers get older they learn that the stick is a warning. It is used when face to face eye contact or threatening behavior is shown by the tiger, but as they mostly sleep during the busiest parts of the day a trainer will usually bang it on the fence or something nearby to let the tiger know they are approaching and that aggressive behavior will be met with a hard knock to the nose. This technique is also used in training aggressive dogs and other biting animals except that for this animal using a finger or hand is the preferred method. Not something I would suggest with tiger with its size and power!

Some institutions are strictly against training cats for any reason. But even they have their cats trained to a certain extent. When the cats’ food is brought to the den, they come to eat. They are then locked in their den while the keepers clean the enclosures. This is a perfect example of the reward training method.

If cats are to be handled, they must be trained not to play with people the same as they play with each other. If a cat struck or bit us the same as they would another cat in play, we would not last very long. They must be taught that our skin is like tissue paper compared to theirs.

Do you think this space is enough for tiger?

Wild tigers need big territory for hunt. Tigers in captivity they need only cool place to lay down in the hot days, foods, water and activities like jumping and playing which we provided enough for them here.

Do they get vaccinated?

Every tigers were vaccinated against rabies and disease caused by feline rhinotracheitis, calici, panleukopenia viruses.

Do the tigers bite?

The tigers at Tiger Kingdom are hand reared and are very well trained. But they are still wild animals and so need to be respected. The tigers are

often playful and may want to play with you. They do play rough though and so could bite when they are playing.

Are the tigers well looked after?

Here at Tiger Kingdom the welfare of the tigers is our primary concern. We look after their physical health as well as ensuring that they are mentally stimulated.

Why do you take them away from their mother and father?

The most common reason we hand-raise Big Cat cub at zoos is rejection by their mothers. Some female cats. Also suffer “toxic milk” syndromes with sudden death of the cubs. When she has another litter of cubs, they are safer when they are raised by hand.

Within the entertainment community, some trainers prefer hand-raised animals. Others hand raise their cubs for photo-shoot endeavors. This is not to say that hand-raised Big Cats are any less dangerous that those raised by their natural parents. In many cases, hand-raised Big Cats are more dangerous.

Are any of the tigers here drugged?

Tigers are mainly active at night and less active during the mid-day heat. However, this pattern may vary by season and prey activity. Grooming is an important part of the tiger’s day. They use their rasping tongue to remove loose hairs and dirt from their fur. The grooming process keeps the tiger’s coat in good condition by using their tongues to spread oils secreted from their glands.

Why don't the tigers wake up when you are stroking them so roughly?

Every day they get plenty of pats, hugs and tummy rubs. So much so that they have almost become desensitized by it, it’s normal to them when someone new starts rubbing or heavily patting them. The tigers have been raised by human contact, are accustomed to handling and affection, so they want and expect it.

Some customers expect the tigers to be running around all the time. They want to see the tigers “performing” for them by playing around them and looking good for photos. The trainers try to make the most of the experience for the customers who want to see this by pushing the tiger into a better position for a photo or waking them up for a better shot. Customers want to see them awake even outside the tiger natural waking hours. Because of this the tigers seldom want to move, always being touched its not surprising that they just want to be left to sleep. As aggression is met with discipline and the unnecessary expenditure of energy the tigers have learnt it is far essayer to ignore people.

The other large factor it the time of day. Customers seldom visit the part in the early morning or late evening when the tigers actually want to be awake. Large crowds of people swarm to the park in the blistering heat of the day and expect to see a largely nocturnal animal running jumping and looking into the cameras for the perfect picture. its just not natural for the tiger to have so much activity at the peak times of the human day!

Why don't you let the cubs lick me they're not hurting me!?

If you have a domestic kitten you’ll probably already know that the licking gesture is quite often followed by a bite and then the furious kicking of claw laden back legs. Its similar with baby tigers. Sometimes they are just licking but other times you may just find that they want a bite too, and when they have a hold they don’t really want to let go. It is part of their training to discourage any behaviors that may lead to biting or clawing. Even if they are just licking you it has to be discouraged.

Where do the tiger go when they grow up ?

A tiger born in captivity cannot be released into nature, because there isn’t enough wild space for tigers to live in Thailand. Each tiger needs around 50-100 sq. km. of territory to survive. Other tigers cannot come into the same territory, except during the breeding periods. Especially, when tigers are used to people, they won’t hide from people and will try to get close to villages. When this happens, the people in the villages will kill the tigers.

Nowadays, we bought land (300 sq. Rai) prepared for the increasing number of our tigers in the future. The land is located in Maetang district, near Chiang Mai. The expected start-up date for the construction will begin this year, and will be registered as a Foundation for tigers.

Tigers are individual animals. When they are fully grown, they will fight to protect their territory. For this reason each tiger at the foundation must be separated. At The Tiger Kingdom Foundation, each tiger will be located in its own area, where there’s much more space. The environment will be made into a more natural setting, where they live, for the rest of their lives.

All donations from volunteers and from other worldwide funds will be a part of budget to look after all tigers at the foundation. Another part of the budget will come from profits made from Tiger Kingdom Park and Restaurant. As the number of tigers increases every year, and some of budget will be managed to buy more land, which is becoming rarer and more expensive.

In Thailand there’s still space at the national parks, which belong to Thai government, however it very hard and complicated to ask for permits. Most of the national parks, are already being managed by others private companies. Tiger Kingdom has to face this problem and find the solutions, as we need to buy more land at a reasonable price for The Tiger Kingdom Foundation. This is where; some of the income of Tiger Kingdom goes.

We know that you care about tigers, as we do. All tigers and staff at Tiger Kingdom live together, as we are the same part of same family. All our beloved tigers are raised by hand since they were born. We bond with them, more than tourists who come for a moment, take picture and then leave.

This is also the gratitude between staff and the tigers. Not only do we take care of the tigers, but also tigers make it possible for our staff to have jobs and money to take care of their families.

The establishment of Tiger Kingdom Foundation will be set up, before the end of this year. Please keep up to date with our progress! We welcome your comments and donations.

Can you wake tiger up?

No, but sleepy tigers are better. Because it’s easier to get closed to them. When they are awake, they will run around and play with each other which could make you scared.