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” Tiger Kingdom”

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The first Tiger Kingdom branch was founded in Ubon rachatanee in the year 2000 and was named Ubon Zoo. There we have many kinds of animals. Nowadays, we have more than 50 – 60 tigers at the zoo and this number will continue to increase in the future as the breeding program continues to become more successful. In resent years the income from the zoo has remained at the same level. This is a problem as the amount of animals goes up but the income stays the same. For this reason on the 24th March 2008 Tiger Kingdom was founded in Chiang mai as a 2nd branch of Ubon Zoo in order to earn more income. As well as providing the much needed extra cash Tiger Kingdom also provides the extra space and enclosures that the tigers needed to be comfortable. I’ve also include some question & answer that may useful for your information here below,

10-15 km form Chiangmai City


The easiest way is going by Tuk-Tuk, red cab or Taxi. It’s about 400-800 Baht for the round trip.  Driver can wait and stay with you until going back to the hotel or the other places. The best way is let your driver wait for you because it’s difficult and quite expensive to find a car or taxi going back to the city from our place. You do not need to make a reservation in advance. The tickets are available at all time when you arrived here.


Our Tiger

Tigers at Tiger Kingdom are hand raised by their trainers since young, bonding with it throughout the development process. The trainer employ a combination of repetition, trust and encouragement to train their big cats and over time the Big Cat are use to human and often see us as one of the family.
In Tiger Kingdom,our well-trained and experience staffs will ensure your duty, but these Big Cats are still wild animal that you need to treat with respect.





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Our Big Cats are handled, stroked and petted on a daily basis, so even the roughest of petting will not bother these Big Cats. It’s normal to them and that is why our cats are so relax when you play with them.
If you gently stroke the cats,it will feel ticklish and irritated,especially to a sleeping tiger. The best method is to cuddle and stroke the cat firmly to make it feel comfortable.
Baby Tiger are playful and likely to play with you. Sometime when playing it tend to be a bit rough or bite, so do be careful when handle with them.



Most visitors came and spend a relatively short time in Tiger Kingdom, more than often they would encounter that these tigers are always sleeping. But cats are cats and they sleep up to 18 hours a day, just like kitty at home.Please do not assume our cats are drugged. To make the most of your visit, our staffs will play with the tigers during the day. And our cats are also trained to sleep and rest at night.